Monday, March 1, 2010

The sites of Rio

This is team Medical in front of a modern cathedral that looks like a cross between Aztecan temple and the Tower of Babel.
This is Sugar Loaf. Just saying its name makes me hungry. It has been a tourist attraction with cable cars since 1912. It was also in a James Bond movie.

Here is the view of from atop Sugar Loaf. You can see Copacabana beach behind me and the lady with the black hat.

This is Brazilian barbeque. They have a big salad/pasta bar and then they bring endless amounts of beef, chicken and pork around on skewers.

Here we are on the Trem do Corcovado; it takes us to the top of the mountain to the famous statue of Christ which overlooks Rio. I am sitting beside my best friend, Jeff.

Looking up to view the Christ the Redeemer statue. I should have posted the other picture above this one to get a better effect, but so it is.

This statue celebrated Brazil's 100th anniversary of freedom from Portugal. Like the Statue of Liberty it was made in France and brought over in pieces.


  1. I'm a moron, but I never knew that that statue was in Rio. They use it in movies a lot. And on The Amazing Race... which I clearly wasn't paying close attention to. Ha! Thanks for the education!

  2. Jeff's been wanting to visit one of those barbeque places since he left Brazil. It sounds wonderful. How nice are the French for passing out iconic statues right and left?

  3. you and your bff look like you are having a good time. sorry you had to sit by loud guy during your bbq experience. that place looks beautiful. i didn't know any of that stuff. i guess i have chosen not to learn anything about brazil.

  4. Aron, your pictures are awesome! Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Isn't there another of those statues in, like, Bosnia or something? It seems like there is one in that Owen Wilson movie whose title I can't recall. Glad you're seeing the world, man, which I'm sure is why you joined the Navy in the first place!