Thursday, March 18, 2010

Steel Beach Picnic

There is a tradition on large big deck Naval ships to have a morale-building steel beach picnic to break up the monotony of life at sea. Flight operations are held off, and the entire crew is invited up top for a BBQ and some entertainment. Unfortunately, entertainment consisted of a band of Navy guys who like to sing from the back of their throat like the devil.
Here is the line to wait in to get to the food. When I first saw this line I went back down below and figured I could wait a little while.

I went and put on my bathing suit and some sunscreen and returned to a relatively shorter line (not really). No, I did not recently have cataract surgery. Here I am with my running pal, Tim.

For cooling off there were inflatable kiddie pools on the flight deck. We were originally scheduled for a swim call that day, but the swells in the ocean were not accommodating. I had to make do with what they provided. Don't worry; I emptied the water and refilled it before getting in. Check out the view off of the stern.


  1. Now that you mention it, those do look like the kind of glasses my Mom would wear at the beach. No matter how boring you try to make it sound, it's still very cool that you're at sea. :)

  2. that pool shot is exactly what i was picturing when you told me about it. very funny. it doesn't look very warm, though. and those people in chairs look like they could blow off the side of the ship any second. i hope it was a nice diversion from the monotonous norm.